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Texas Attorney Review BlogTexas has three of the largest legal markets in the country, including Houston, Dallas / Fort Worth, and San Antonio, and many smaller legal markets like Austin, El Paso, Arlington, and Corpus Christi.

I have been a Texan for more than 37 years now and have had more than one occasion to use the legal services provided by the Lone Star State’s more than 50,000 lawyers. I know how difficult it can be to find the “right” lawyer and I wanted to create this website to allow Texans to find the best lawyer in their locale and who specializes the the correct field of law…QUICKLY!

Most Popular Fields of Law

  1. Family Law: Many of AGN Pro’s visitors are looking for a Texas Divorce Attorney in their city. We have reviewed and listed some of the best Family Law Lawyers in all of Texas.
  2. Probate Law: It is always a sad time in a family’s history when a loved one passes away. The last thing you want to do during this time of grief is scour the phone book looking for the right lawyer. We have made the process of finding a probate attorney in Texas extremely easy. Whether you need to have a will drafted, created a living trust, or just get the legal advice of a certified probate attorney, you can find reviews of the best probate lawyers in Texas on this website.
  3. Texas Mineral Law: With the Frakking and Shale Gas boom going on all over Texas, you are highly likely to find yourself in need of a competent Houston Oil & Gas Lawyer. Whether you need to have an oil and gas lease analyzed or you just want to talk to an attorney about your rights as a mineral owner, you will find the best Attorney for the job here at AGN Pro.
  4. Social Security Disability Law: Texas has some of the fines disability lawyers. We have listed several in our archives. If you have a disability claim that you want to prosecute, then check out the lawyers who we have recommended.
  5. Criminal Law: I really hope you don’t have any need for a criminal attorney, but I’ve learned to never say never.
  6. Real Estate Law: Property disputes take place all the time in Texas due to the nature of the state property laws. Never face a property dispute without the help of a competent Lawyer.
  7. Civil Litigation and Personal Injury Matters: If you have been injured in any type of accident, you should contact the best civil litigation attorney in Houston, Texas.

Whatever your legal issue is, you can always find the best attorney for the job here at AGN Pro | Texas Lawyer Review Blog.


Civil Law Attorney Houston, Texas

Our attorneys are dedicated to serving our clients. We are proud to maintain the highest level of integrity in providing you exceptional legal counsel with an unwavering work ethic and the highest level of diligent trial preparation.

We are experienced and aggressive attorneys who will fight for your legal rights. We provide exceptional representation to clients throughout Houston, Texas and across the Unites States in a wide variety of civil litigation matters. Our firm uses innovative trial strategies and extremely effective advocacy at trial to get you the absolute best outcome possible. We strongly believe in preparing every case to go to trial.

Our opponents know that facing our law firm means they need to be ready to take the case to trial, and this strategy often helps us to obtain a favorable settlement quickly and without ever standing in front of a jury. Below our contact form, we have described a few of the types of civil actions that our law firm handles. Continue reading

Best Disability Lawyers in Houston

Who Can Apply for Social Security Disability in Texas?

Those applying for Social Security Disabilty (SSD) benefits must:

1) have been employed in a job covered by Social Security (SS)
2) you must be stricken by a medical disability meeting the legal definition of “disability,” as defined by the SSA.

The Administration pays monthly cash benefits when qualifying individuals are (due to a disability) not able to work for at least 365 days. Same generally continue until regular employment becomes possible. The Administration employs a set of “work incentives” which encourages payees to return to work by allocating continued benefits & medical coverage during the “back to work” transitional period.

SSD Benefits & Retirees: Payees who reach retirement age whilst receiving SSD benefits will have their SSD benefits converted to retirement benefits, wherein said benefit amount remains unchanged.

Top 3 Social Security Disability Lawyers in Houston, Texas

houston ssd lawyer1) David Dopkin, Attorney at Law

Mr. Dopkin finished Undergrad at Penn State University and received his J.D. at South Texas College of Law. Mr. Dopkin represents SSD/SSI Claimants and his entire practice is focused on same. Lawyer Dopkin has written interesting articles regarding those who suffer from Fibromyalgia and who also qualify for social security disability benefits. Continue reading

Best Divorce Attorney in Atascocita, TX

Family Law Lawyers are in high demand in the Lake Houston, Humble, and Atascocita area. It seems like a ton of divorces are taking place in that area today, especially in the areas of Kingwood and Atascocita Shores.

top family law attorney in atascocita txThis area has extremely high value estates and nobody wants to go through a marriage split without the advice of one of the area’s best divorce attorneys. We have profiled a few of the top family law lawyers in this area and we want to share the results of our investigation with you.

We do not give legal advice on this website and we want you to remember that nothing on this site should be considered valid legal advice. There are a few things that you should consider about Texas Family Law when your marriage has ended and you are searching for a divorce attorney…

1) Texas is a community property state

2) If there are children involved in your divorce action, any decision regarding same is likely to be made “in the best interest of the child.”

3) We have seen many Texas divorces, and we are under the opinion that it is always better to enlist the services of a qualified attorney to handle your divorce action instead of trying to do what we like to call a “google divorce.” Continue reading